Laura Kay Photography

Wedding Collections Starting at $3000

Contact me for more information.

Portrait Session Fee $250

Contact me for more information.

15 images recommended for <2000 sq ft $75

25 images recommended for 2000-3000 sq ft $100

35 images recommended for 3000-4000 sq ft $125

45 images recommended for larger homes with many features to highlight $150

Twilight Photography - 3-4 Exterior photos taken at twilight to feature warm lighting Additional $50 to any above package

Daytime Exterior Photography only $50

  • High resolution digital SLR camera with wide angle lens to capture even the smallest spaces
  • Natural lighting and professional editing software to highlight the property
  • 24 hour turnaround on processing. Images will be emailed directly to you and sized to be uploaded.
  • Online photo gallery and listing page hosted on my website