I am loving this spring weather and all of the outdoor sessions. I know many of you have commented to me and loved seeing my what to wear guide on the blog. I have added two new sets today for Spring! I added a Spring Family and a Spring Mother Daughter. Remember the most important thing about what to wear for a session is to be yourself. You are beautiful just the way you are. Have a great day!

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mintasa_clippingimages says:

lovely designs......
love these so much.

(04.13.11 @ 10:43 PM)
Leslie says:

Love these guides! Hope you keep them coming ! :)

(04.19.11 @ 12:45 PM)
April 11, 2011
Thank you so much to everyone who entered for the session and frame giveaway. Congratulations Suzie and Rebecca! I am loving the new Organic Bloom frames so much! I have decided to give a free 10X10 (or smaller) frame to everyone else who entered the contest if you contact me this week and book a session with me. Why? Because my birthday was on Saturday and I am in a giving mood! So email me if you want in on this deal! Thanks again, I am grateful to each and everyone one of you that read my blog and look at my photography. xo Laura

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rebecca villarreal says:

we would love the lemonade color for the eva frame....what are the times for your business so we can plan the time we can have the session. thank you. Rebecca Villarreal

(04.11.11 @ 01:18 PM)
February 18, 2011
Be you. Be loved. BHLDN. In case you haven't heard I wanted to share with you the best new eye candy for today's bride. Anthropologie has created a bridal line that is just breathtaking. So go check out their bridal gowns, dresses, hair adornments and other beautiful pieces.

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Ami with Elizabeth Anne Designs has made the incredible EAD Blog even prettier! This has been one of my favorite wedding blogs for years. This is an amazing resource for brides and anyone that loves pretty things. There are Real Weddings: Nashville, diy tips, and a vendor catalog to help brides find the perfect wedding vendors. I hope to have some Real Weddings: Clarksville featured on it this year! Remember when Cassie and John's Wedding and Allison  and Chad's Wedding were featured?  Also Micha's tux shot on the Shades of Blue and Apple Green post. If you are getting married or know anyone who has anything to do with Weddings be a friend and share this lovely blog with them. So... go check it out!

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Ami says:

Laura, thank you SO SO much for the sweet words - you are one of my favorites too! xoxo

(02.15.11 @ 12:01 PM)
Sunday was my first bridal show ever at the 2011 Clarksville Brides Wedding and Event Showcase put on by Clarksville Brides.  In almost 7 years now of being in business and shooting weddings, I have never participated in a bridal show. It was a lot of work and I did have fun. I was a little nervous because I didn't know what it was going to be like. I usually meet with all of my couples and devote an hour or more to them just chatting. I wasn't sure how a quick in and out atmosphere was going to work. Clarksville bridal show is fairly small and I had time to talk with most of the people that came by and wanted to talk. I met lots of fun couples that I hope to be hearing from soon. The fashion show was fun but, a bit too loud and it made it really hard to talk while that was going on, since I was right next to the stage. I thought I was going to loose my voice at one point from talking so much. I didn't really do a great job taking pictures of my booth but here are a few. Thanks to everyone that stopped by!

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Malonda Richard-Sia says:

Laura, I absolutely adore your work and presentation. Your booth is awesome and quite inspirational. You are without a doubt one of my favorite photographers (I'm a photographer too). Keep up the fantastic work.

(01.20.11 @ 10:21 AM)
Melissa M says:

I spy our album on the coffee table...love it!!!

(01.26.11 @ 10:56 AM)
lisa says:

looks awesome!!!

(01.28.11 @ 07:29 PM)