This was a beautiful day! The weather was perfect! It was just one of those days when the weather just makes you smile. Cara and Nick got married at the Ceresville Mansion in Frederick Maryland. Cara's favorite color red was everywhere. I really enjoyed how the wedding and reception was at the same location and the guest just showed up and had a good time. Everything on this day went as planned and perfectly. Cara looked amazing and we had fun hanging out all day and taking pictures. Cara and Nick are one of my most fav 2009 couples! they were so sweet and their family was so welcoming it felt like we were family! Thanks Stacy for 2nd shooting for me!

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Ashley K says:

Beautiful wedding! Way to rock the flare, girl!

(10.03.09 @ 02:25 PM)
robert says:

Great shots as always, Laura! You really know how to make a wedding "magic" with a few million pixels :-)

(10.04.09 @ 10:11 AM)
Leslie says:

beautiful shots! (as always!) :)

(10.05.09 @ 04:35 PM)
lisa says:

very pretty! i love the water at the ceremony site.

(10.08.09 @ 11:06 AM)
Michelle says:

What a beautiful photogenic couple! These pictures are totally gorg!

(10.09.09 @ 01:16 PM)
Cara says:

Laura! You are so incredibly amazing! We are SO happy with your work!

(10.13.09 @ 01:43 PM)
Ina and Cyrus got married on a really rainy day. Their whole plans of an outdoor wedding and reception at Oxon Hill Manor changed. BUT I love the way everything turned out. Ina was so happy all day and I think it was because she didn't loose site of what the day was really about. Whether it was raining or not she was marrying Cyrus and she couldn't be more happy about that. Ina and Cyrus are great genuine people. They wanted their reception to feel like home so they brought all sorts of things for the guest to look at. Old Pictures, books, music and all of these things were setting all around all of the lounge furniture they had brought in. Vicky Choy of Event Accomplished did an amazing job coordinating this wedding.

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Kay Beaton says:

Love the image of the couple standing in the bathtub! And the rings with Curious George - how ccreative! Beautiful work!

(09.09.09 @ 02:11 PM)
Vicky @ Event Accomplished says:

Love the 3rd picture from top of Ina by herself. The lighting is just magical! Great job Laura! Makes me so happy to relive that rainy day again when I get to see how happy they were:)

(09.09.09 @ 02:46 PM)
Leslie says:

What a beautiful wedding! Amazing work, Laura! :-)

(09.09.09 @ 03:16 PM)
lisa says:

this was such a beautiful and fun wedding!

(09.09.09 @ 03:30 PM)
Ina says:

Words cannot describe how much we love these pictures! It turned out so much MORE beautiful and intimate than we imagined! Thanks for capturing it all so well, Laura!!

(09.09.09 @ 03:49 PM)
auschick says:

what a beautiful wedding! Ina - your dress is gorgeous!

(09.09.09 @ 07:21 PM)
Kristen Gardner says:

What a beautiful couple! I love the portrait of them in front of the rainy window... so pretty!

(09.12.09 @ 11:55 AM)
Marty Monts says:

I have looked at all of the weedings and the pictures on this site and they are just wonderful works of art that touch the soul. Each one portrays such feeling and pashion. I look at the pictures and i wonder what each person is thinking and feeling. They are just amazing. I am not sure what a URL is so I didn't fill it out. .

(10.10.09 @ 09:47 PM)
Melissa says:

Beautiful dress! Who designed?

(10.15.09 @ 03:45 PM)
Ina says:

Dress was by Pronovias!

(01.09.10 @ 04:11 PM)
Jen says:

i looove your picture of the kiss in the rain! it's like a page out of Austen. what a very romantic and gorgeous wedding!

(02.28.10 @ 10:54 PM)