Tiffany and Derek are my last wedding here in Virginia before we move to Clarksville, Tennessee. This wedding got to me a bit more than normal. It is normal for me to get a little teary eyed for my couples because I get to know them so well but this one made me cry. Tiffany has 4 year old twin boys and Derek has a 6 year old daughter. Seeing this family get married was amazing. I just love this little family! And the best part is that I get to do a family session with them later this month, so you will get to see more of them. Ok, so back to the wedding. They got married at First Baptist Church in Vienna and then the reception was at The Hyatt Regency at Reston Town Center here in Virginia. The lovely Beth Kubovcik second shot with me and she was amazing! So here are my favorites from the day. Happy Friday everyone!

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Leslie and Tony got married early on October 24th. I love morning weddings! There is so much light and energy about it! So If you can remember Leslie and Tony's Engagement session you know they laugh a lot! I love it. I love happy couples that laugh a lot. They got married at St. Anne Catholic Church in Arlington, Virginia. After the ceremony we went to a park to shoot some fun pics with the wedding party. The felt mustaches were my fav! The rain stayed away from us all morning while it seemed to have poured everywhere else. It was a good day!

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Stacy Jacobsen says:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shot of the shoes on the lamp! You are amazingly creative, as always!

(11.06.09 @ 05:38 PM)
lisa says:

i love these! the mustaches are soo funny! so fun!

(11.07.09 @ 08:18 AM)
Leslie says:

Laura, I absolutely LOVE them! You did such an amazing job. It was a blast -- thank you so much!! :-)

(11.09.09 @ 09:26 AM)
Veronica and Daniel got married right here in Manassas. I loved being so close to home and shooting at a location I have been loving since I moved here. They had the ceremony at the Old Manassas Court House and the reception was at the old Candy Factory. I loved the relaxed classy feel of this wedding. Veronica was so beautiful and I loved all of the details of this wedding. Their wedding planner Vicki Grafton of My Simple Details did an amazing job! She brought Veronica the Mickey balloons because they are going to Disneyworld for their honeymoon. Also another detail I loved was the little gumball place card holders. So cute! Ok one more favorite thing about this wedding was the song Daniel's brothers sang for them at the reception. Hands down BEST entertainment EVER at a wedding. I loved every second of it! Everyone in the room was laughing! Ok enough talking. On to the pictures!

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Beth says:

Laura - love these! I feel like I was there at the wedding :o)

(09.15.09 @ 12:44 PM)
lisa says:

fun wedding! great shots!

(09.15.09 @ 01:13 PM)
Vicki says:

Laura, you did a great job capturing the wedding. I'm sure Veronica and Daniel are ecstatic to see the pictures.

(09.15.09 @ 01:14 PM)
Betty Ann says:

Excellent photography! Very creative!

(09.15.09 @ 08:58 PM)
auschick says:

aww, i love the candy factory! still would have loved to have got married there!

(09.16.09 @ 10:05 PM)
Suzanne Tenuto says:

Beautiful photos - especially like the one with the Mickey balloons, so creative!

(09.23.09 @ 09:33 PM)
Leslie and Tony are a super cute couple. When Leslie and I were planning out their engagement session she told me that they liked to laugh and joke around a lot together. She said that they are one of those couples who are totally goofy together vs. romantic and mushy. I think we captured them perfectly in this session. They had me laughing. They also got to learn about one of my fears. CATS! We were in this junk yard and this cat kept following us and I was scared. Ya, I am a wuss I know. Anyhow here are some really cool shots.

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lisa says:

really cool pics!! only you can make a junk yard look cool!

(08.20.09 @ 10:21 PM)
Leslie says:

Laura, I LOVE them!! You really did capture us perfectly!! You can totally tell he is making me laugh in every single shot, lol. I can't wait to see the rest! :)

(08.20.09 @ 11:12 PM)
Tricia Fowler says:

Laura - As Leslie's best friend, I can honestly say you have done a wonderful job of capturing the typical Tony and Leslie moments!!! I can't help but smile looking at these pictures and knowing exactly how much love each photo is filled with. I can't wait to see the rest of the photos!!! Great job! :)


(08.21.09 @ 03:59 AM)
Brian Nguyen says:

That is so gorgeous! Great job Laura! Congrats to Tony and Leslie :D.

(08.21.09 @ 08:16 AM)
LIsaK says:

Awesome images as always! And your new blog is super fab ; )

(08.22.09 @ 06:07 AM)
Megan Hobson says:

I love the setting! It seems perfect for this couple for sure. I also love the new site!

(08.22.09 @ 09:36 AM)
CIndy says:

I love your new website and blog design. They flow together seamlessly! Who did you use for the design? It looks amazing!

(08.22.09 @ 05:15 PM)
Darren Squashic says:

Your blog looks great! I wish I had a junk yard to take clients, that's so cool! How did you get permission from the owners to do that?

(08.23.09 @ 01:25 PM)
Stephen Knuth says:

I really enjoy your work! You pull in some great emotion and have so much smiling going on! I really enjoy seeing that in images and you nailed it spot on.

(08.24.09 @ 01:53 PM)
Julia and DJ had a cute little morning wedding on Saturday. They kept it simple and beautiful by having the reception at the church hall. Sometimes simple can be so lovely. This wedding was really fun for me becasue Julia's mom goes to our church and there were several church members there. Stacy came to second shoot this wedding for me and we had a really fun day. We ended with going to the Starbucks were Julia and DJ had their first date. We got a few more pictures bird seed in hair and all. Aren't they so cute?

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auschick says:

so apparently Starbucks have this "no photography' policy in their stores, which i think is the dumbest thing ever :P glad you were about to get some shots in there!!!
Love that picture of the ?grandfather?

(08.19.09 @ 09:11 PM)