Sarah and Eric's Texas wedding was beautiful. I loved traveling home to shoot a wedding and it was even more special to me because it was family. My mom and Sarah's dad are first cousins. I have only gotten to see my daughter Kate at a wedding a few times and this one was the best yet. She had the time of her life and even caught the bouquet. Sarah was beautiful and she is such a  wonderful person. Eric treats her like a princess and they are so cute! Their wedding was at Brookwood Community in Brookshire Texas. Brookwood is a beautiful community for special needs adults. Sarah's Uncle (my mom's cousion) Pat has lived there for many years. It was very special to the family for the wedding to be there. Unfortunately Sarah's Grandmother (my great aunt Chris) was too ill to be able to be at the wedding. I hope these pictures make her smile. This was a truly beautiful wedding.

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Mandy sorgenfrei says:

Another one outta the ballpark pal :-) I think you get better every photo shoot you do!

(08.02.11 @ 01:59 PM)
Sissie says:

Beautiful! Aren't Texas weddings the BEST!!! Kate was having the time of he life...very very cute.
Love to all of you

(08.02.11 @ 04:26 PM)
Kell says:

These pictures are beautiful! I can only hope this photographer is around whenever I get hitched ;)

(08.02.11 @ 04:35 PM)
Sarah E. says:

What a gorgeous wedding! There is so much joy evident in all of these photos...I love that you captured it on camera! Beautiful people and beautiful venue.

(08.02.11 @ 04:48 PM)
Jessica Williamson says:

Beautiful pictures! :) Beautiful wedding as well, my brother & new sister-in-law picked a GREAT photographer!

(08.02.11 @ 04:55 PM)
Diane says:

BEAUTIFUL! You are soooo talented! Love that Kate had such a great that smile of hers! THANK YOU for everything!!

(08.02.11 @ 06:54 PM)
Debra Hoaks says:

I was there and these photos are PERFECT! Thanks for capturing the love!

(08.02.11 @ 07:37 PM)
Diane W. says:

Wow - the pictures are wonderful! You made me smile and cry (tears of joy!) all over again. Our memories fade - it's only natural - but you've given us memories to last a lifetime. Sarah and Eric will look back on these photos in years to come, and live this wonderful day all over again. Thank you!

(08.02.11 @ 09:29 PM)
Sujata says:

Absolutely gorgeous pictures!! So glad I was able to make it to the wedding =) I'm sure these pictures will bring the happy couple many happy memories time and time again!

(08.02.11 @ 10:06 PM)
Melissa M says:

What a beautiful church!!! Great pictures, as always :-)

(08.03.11 @ 10:30 AM)
lisa says:

they turned out great! i'll always remember this wedding because it was landon's 1st! :)

(08.04.11 @ 12:27 PM)
Sherrie Lane says:

Beautiful Pictures!..Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom..and since I couldn't be there to celebrate with them I sure appreciate such a wonderful up close and personal view of their Blessed Day!

(08.06.11 @ 09:35 PM)
Erin K says:

Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous day! Great memories to last forever!

(08.12.11 @ 02:40 PM)
While I was in Houston I also got the chance to take pictures of the Janson Family. It was so fun to see them again. I took family pictures for them 4 years ago and so much has changed. Little Layla was just a baby. It is really fun to watch families grow over the years since I have met them. I am honored when families invite me back time and time again to capture the milestones of their lives.

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Nicki says:

super cute session!

(07.26.11 @ 01:28 PM)
I shot Sarah and Eric's Engagement Session while I was in Texas. Sarah's grandma is my great aunt, so we are cousins I think. Even though we did not grow up together I remember how Aunt Chris would always refer to Sarah and her sister "Little Laura and Lisa". My grandma was always sick when I was growing up and Aunt Chris was often coming in town and we sat around the ICU waiting room. I am sure it wasn't really all the time but as a kid it felt like ALL the time. I actually just got an old clock from my parents that was from an old hospital waiting room. I wanted it because it reminds me sitting in a waiting room bored to tears just waiting for either Aunt Chris or Aunt Katherine to show up so there was something to do. She always brightened up the day. She was always dressed so pretty and she treated Lisa and I like her own grand-kids. We would always get $1 if our room was clean. Now she sends Kate and Will $5 in the mail from time to time and writes for them to clean their room. So all of that to say I adore Sarah and her Grandma. I can't wait for their wedding this summer. I am excited to photograph Sarah and Eric get married but also Aunt Chris and Sarah's Uncle (my mom's cousin) Pat. He was in a motorcycle accident many years ago and lives at Brookwood Community. The wedding will be there and that is so sweet to me.

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sarah says:

THANK YOU LAURA :) We love them!

(04.06.11 @ 08:50 PM)
Diane Storti says:

Laura they turned out great! I love your style and your heart! I am so excited you are our photographer for the wedding! Can't wait!!!

(04.07.11 @ 09:58 AM)
lisa says:

love them! i'm really excited to do the wedding with you!

(04.08.11 @ 06:28 PM)
mintasa_clippingimages says:

the couple is simply fabulous......

(04.12.11 @ 12:10 AM)
I am so happy to say that I have another featured wedding in Houston Brides Magazine. Remember Brae and Don who were married in October? Their wedding was so amazing and I am so happy Houston Brides chose it for a feature. Thanks again to Natalie with Two Be Wed for such an amazing job coordinating and submitting this wedding and thank you to Nicki and Lisa for shooting with me. And by the way to day is my sister Lisa's Birthday! Happy Birthday Sister!

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Susan says:

Oh my! This is so awesome Laura! Congrats!

(04.01.11 @ 11:27 AM)
I love this Houston outdoor wedding. A day like this day in Houston is unheard of. The weather was amazingly perfect for the first weekend in October. I was also super happy to have my sister Lisa and My sister in law Nicki shoot with me. Combining that with Natalie as the planner and they day was even more perfect. So here are a few of my favorites.

Dress- Mia Bridal Couture
Venue- The Club at Carlton Woods
Planner- Natalie Dawley, Two Be Wed
Photographer- Laura Kay Photography
Video- Scott Charlson with Charlson Weddings
Pastor- Ron Ramey
Floral and Décor- Pam Lopez with Darryl and Co.
Cake- Who Made the Cake
Ceremony Music- Divisi Strings
Band- Klockwork Band
Invitations- Berings Hardware
Calligraphy- Pendance
Rings- Ernesto Moreira

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carmen says:

looove these photos. what a beautiful place!

(10.16.10 @ 07:53 PM)
Beth says:

These are absolutely gorgeeous. Great job Laura - I am sure they LOVE them!

(10.16.10 @ 09:16 PM)
lisa says:

wonderful pictures! it was a beautiful day.

(10.17.10 @ 09:16 AM)
Brae says:

I love them Laura :) thank you!!!!!!

(10.17.10 @ 09:59 AM)
Kathy Bartlett says:

It was a beautiful day, from start to finish. I love this family and was glad to be able to share the day with them. I don't remember when I've seen a happier, more beautiful bride.

(10.17.10 @ 10:06 AM)
GT Regan says:

Many thanks. The next best thing to being there. I am guessing that the many back-lit shots were intended to give a touch of reality. There is so much to like, Brae's hair, for example, and her bracelet, and the way she was holding on to Ken's arm with her ring showing.

(10.17.10 @ 10:14 AM)
Hanne F.N says:

Amazing photos, and I love the antique feeling of them. Great perspectives and lines, diagonales, colours.... I just wish I was there in persona.

(10.17.10 @ 10:44 AM)
Whitney says:

Stunning photos! They truly captured the feeling and emotion of being at the wedding. Cannot wait to see the rest of them!

(10.17.10 @ 10:53 AM)
Alice Davidson says:

Beautiful, Brae - just Beautiful. No other words.

(10.17.10 @ 12:34 PM)
Lindsay says:

This was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen! Fantastic pictures!!!!

(10.17.10 @ 12:45 PM)
sheila whitehead says:

The pictures told the story of the events that led is to the main.event which was photographed beautifully.

(10.17.10 @ 03:40 PM)
Gretchen says:

These pictures are so beautiful - I swear they made me cry- everything looks so beautiful! Congrats Brae & Donnie.

(10.17.10 @ 05:52 PM)
bobbie kline says:

Beautiful pictures! Brae you looked simply gorgeous and Don you looked very handsome. No wonder Brae married you! It was a perfect day. Hope you enjoyed every minute. Love, Bobbie

(10.18.10 @ 12:05 AM)
Jackie Hopkins says:

Incredible pictures! Congratulations!

(10.18.10 @ 09:04 AM)
Lauren says:

It was a beautiful wedding, Bo and I really enjoyed ourselves and were happy to be a part of such a special day. These photos are wonderful!

(10.18.10 @ 11:20 AM)
Mary Alice Ethridge says:

Great photos to remember such a great day and fantastic party! Love you guys. We had a BLAST!

(10.18.10 @ 04:21 PM)
Samantha Darr, Soiréebliss! Events says:

Gorgeous wedding!!! The bride's gown is to die-for and the chuppah is stunning.

(10.20.10 @ 08:04 AM)
Dawn Prestwood says:

What a wonderful wonderful family- truly an honor to assist with this very special occasion! These are truly very special people-
Love the photos!
Dawn, DIrector of Catering and Events

(10.26.10 @ 06:20 PM)
jane says:

The attention in capturing all Brae and Don's special wedding moments and never feeling stiff or out of the flow during this big celebration is reflected in the beautiful photography presented. Quality, professionalism and fun can be found! We are very pleased and thankful.

(10.29.10 @ 03:42 PM)
karen fairlie says:

what beautiful pictures. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you, but so glad you shared the pictures with us!!!

(10.29.10 @ 04:52 PM)
Amanda Mayhall says:

Laura did an outstanding job capturing the beauty of the day. Brae and Don were a stunning couple and Laura was able to capture every moment!

(10.29.10 @ 07:45 PM)
Deb and Sam says:

Beautiful Pictures. Thank you for sharing these. We were thinking about you on that beautiful fall day. Love and best wishes for a wonderful life together.

(10.30.10 @ 11:58 AM)
carol says:

awesome pictures ....just beautiful

(10.30.10 @ 11:59 AM)
aunt Suzanne says:

Laura truly captured the beauty of the love between two special people and the joy each family had in seeing this perfect day materialize. Brae's inner beauty and joy glows in every photograph, and Don's smiling eyes say it all - thank you for capturing the essence of a beautiful couple beginning their life together!

(10.31.10 @ 09:14 PM)
Uncle Russ says:

such wonderful photos of such a beautiful wedding - we were so happy to be included in this wonderful day, and every detail was perfect - including the photos to remember great memories!

(10.31.10 @ 09:16 PM)
elizabeth says:

fabulous wedding, fabulous photos!! and incredible memories!

(10.31.10 @ 09:17 PM)
suzi says:

much happiness to all, always and forever! every detail was perfect, and we were thrilled to be a part of the day! pictures are incredibly well done too!

(10.31.10 @ 09:19 PM)
Stacey says:

Wow! Laura did an amazing job of capturing the essence of a beautiful wedding that was perfect in every detail! What a great way to replay the memories over and over:-)

(11.02.10 @ 11:38 AM)
Stacey Guynes says:

Laura the pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!!! Brae's day was everything she hoped it to be and you captured it all so beautifully. Thank you!

(11.02.10 @ 01:49 PM)
Valerie Balke says:

Beautiful photos, Brae!

(11.04.10 @ 11:58 AM)
Celise Eberle says:

These pictures are fantastic and the wedding was absolutely beautiful!

(11.04.10 @ 07:41 PM)
Patti says:

The most beautiful wedding we've ever been to! Brae and Don are such a cool couple...we wish them a lifetime of happiness. Your pictures are so creative and artful...really amazing!

(11.22.10 @ 12:26 PM)
andrew gordon says:

Absolutely stunning- great wedding and gorgeous pictures

(12.13.10 @ 01:31 PM)
mintasa_clippingimages says:

what a lovely wedding! love those pictures so much........

(04.14.11 @ 01:20 AM)