Ok, so I have been a bad blogger this month! SORRY! But I have a good reason. I worked super efficient and quick to get all of my 2009 brides completed and this month I ordered 10 albums! So that in it self was a lot of work. If you can believe it, Jamie and Sinclair who got married mid October are getting their 4 albums before Christmas! I know, crazy right? So this month has been busy but not busy with my cameras sadly. I am super excited to be in Houston shooting Cheyanne and Brandt's wedding this weekend. I shot Cheyanne's bridal session back in October when I was in Houston. I absolutely love the elegance and class about this girl. She has the most amazing eyes. Have a great weekend everyone!

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lisa says:

great pictures!

(12.21.09 @ 09:38 AM)
Lauryn says:

She is so beautiful! I love the last one :-)

(12.21.09 @ 11:54 AM)
Megan Garrison says:

The last one is stunning!

(12.23.09 @ 11:16 PM)