Kate and Will's cousins came to visit for a week this summer. My mother in law brought me 4000 ladybugs for us to release in our garden to eat the aphids. The kids had so much fun letting the little ladies out. They giggled as they would crawl up their arms. Summertime with family is the best.

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Nicki says:

Perfect...such a fun evening!

(07.12.11 @ 09:59 PM)
Here is my cute herb garden! My dad gave me this old trough and we decided to plant an herb garden in it. I have Basil, Cilantro, Oregano, Dill, Lavender and Rosemary. I have used a bit of the herbs in cooking but I really need to learn more things to cook with fresh herbs. This is a year of a lot learning for me. I love to walk by and just run my hand thru the herbs and smell the beautiful fresh scents. I also have a few seculaunts. We had a lot around the house growing up and I really like having things from my childhood. My parents brought me this Burro's Tail succulent when they came to visit for Memorial Day. My great grandmother had given my parents one when I was a kid and I remember always having it. The little pods are so fragile but the plant is beautiful and I am happy to have my own. I also have Jade, a moss garden and a few air plants but I don't have any pictures to post. AND in case you are wondering, my lemon tree is doing well. I hope the lemons turn yellow soon. I'll do a post on that when they do.

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Katie Wright says:

Love the close ups!

(06.22.11 @ 02:17 PM)
Beth says:

Me too!!

(06.22.11 @ 03:51 PM)
For Spring Break last week we went to Houston to meet my sweet new nephew Landon. I will post his newborn pics next. I packed up both kids and both dogs in my wagon and drove the 13 hour trip. It wasn't too bad, I guess, and we did it all in one day. The only sad part of the trip is that at 5:15 a.m.,  I had not even made it out of Clarksville and I got my first speeding ticket ever. I always wondered if I would cry when I got pulled over or how I would react. I am not sure if it was just because this guy was a jerk but I was mad. I admit I was speeding, not on purpose, I just didn't know what the speed limit was. That is fine I guess I deserved the ticket but then he gave me another ticket for Kate not being in a booster seat. I told him Kate got the OK from her doctor for height and weight this summer and was cleared. Since I did not have "official documentation" of her weight in the car and since he could not measure her on "uneven ground" he said he had to ticket me anyhow. Oh well. This post was supposed to be about how much fun spring break was not about my ticket.  So once we got to Texas it was sunny and warm. Here is what our Spring Break consisted of:
-Meeting and spending time with Landon
-Kemah with the Dede and Granddad: rollercoasters, aquarium, petting sting rays
- Playing Just Dance 2 on the Wii with the family. If you have never played this you are missing out.
- Kate and Will swimming with cousins at Dede and Granddad's / me getting some sun and reading by their pool out in the country
-Making a rope swing at Nana and Papa's
-Going to see OVO Cirque De Soleil with Nana and Papa which was beyond amazing!
We had a pretty awesome time and it could have only been better if Josh could have come too. Here are a few pictures I took throughout the week with my iphone. 

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lisa says:

awesome pictures! we miss yall already!

(03.29.11 @ 10:36 AM)
March 2, 2011
My parents gave me a lemon tree for Christmas this year. It all started when I wanted one and went to a nursery here in Clarksville and they told me that you can't buy them here. I am pretty stubborn and was really set on having one. There aren't many things that I just have to have, but for some reason I really wanted my own lemon tree. My parents found one and bought it for me! It is an Improved Meyer Lemon Tree, grown in Texas. We drove it home and it sits in our breakfast room. Last month it bloomed the most wonderful smelling little flowers all over. When the sun would shine in the room you could smell it just being in the house. Now all of the little flowers fell off and there are a ton of tiny little baby lemons! I wasn't sure if it was actually going to produce lemons this year, but it is! So you can tell I am excited! I love my lemon tree! Thanks Mom and Dad!

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Emily says:

How cheery! I still have yet to try a Meyer lemon.

(03.06.11 @ 12:49 AM)
Sara says:

How fun! Daniel wants a citrus tree but we don't have a yard - or much light. Wonder if we can do an orange/mandarin tree in a pot like yours. Thanks for the inspiration! P.S. LOVE your new site - it's awesome.

(03.10.11 @ 01:34 PM)
December 22, 2010
Well this has been a great year for us. We are feeling pretty settled in here in Clarksville, TN and we excited for all of the years to come we will be here and make family memories. We plan to be here until the kids graduate high school and maybe even forever. Kate and Will are loving their new school and the friends they have made. Josh is loving his new job and I am having fun restarting my business in a new town. I have to admit is is quite challenging but if it were easy would it be worth it? If I just moved here and instantly had hundred of clients knocking on my door for pictures would I appreciate it as much? I love my company and what I do for a profession and moving this year has forced me to look at everything in a new light. I am grateful for each and every person I get to photograph. Merry Christmas everyone!

*I will be on vacation with my family from Dec 23rd until Jan 3rd*


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lisa says:

not forever! i love this. can't wait to see yall tomorrow. xoxo

(12.22.10 @ 01:38 PM)
Erin says:

so fun, I LOVE that Kate is wearing my headband in your Christmas post...THANKS for that!

(12.22.10 @ 09:49 PM)