Since I was a child I loved walking around open houses. It is so fun visualizing what life would be like to live in each different space. To look past the paint colors and styles and to be able to imagine all of the possibilities is just fun to me. Most people looking to buy a home do a lot of their research online and then tell their realtor where they want to go look. So the first and most important thing about selling a home is having great pictures that will show off just how great it is. Potential buyers love bright pretty pictures that grab their eye amongst all of the other listings. I have had some realtors tell me they just use their iPhone to take the pictures because the iPhone is so good it is not worth spending extra money. The realtors I have worked with say it is completely worth it to have professional pictures. The iPhone may be better than your point and shoot camera but there is still not good enough to get noticed in today's market. I decided to do a little test shoot to show how the quality I take with my professional gear is compared to my iPhone. Take a look a the finished images compared to the iPhone images and see the difference. If you are a realtor or selling a house contact me so I can help you get your home noticed. Check out my Real Estate pricing page here: Laura Kay Photography Real Estate Pricing

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