Paola and Tucker met me on what felt like the coldest morning ever! it was 21 with a wind chill of 16 or so. It was COLD! A little red wine and cuddling in a tent warmed them up a bit. There was still snow on the ground from the blizzard a few weeks ago but we had fun. Paola and Tucker are so darn cute, they have so much love it just gleams out. This shoot makes me so happy. And if you know how much I don't like winter that is saying something! I am loving my first shoot of 2010!

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Nicki says:

love these... worth the braving the cold....

(01.12.10 @ 01:34 PM)
Stephanie says:

What a cute couple! Great photos, Laura. Shooting in the cold is tough! My favorite is no. 2... so cozy.

(01.12.10 @ 02:48 PM)
JennLink Photography says:

I love this shoot!!!!!

(01.12.10 @ 03:38 PM)
lisa says:

super cute couple. great pics laura!!

(01.12.10 @ 04:57 PM)
brooke schwab says:

these make me smile. i love the ones of them cuddling in the tent with the blanket!

(01.12.10 @ 06:06 PM)
Sarah says:

Such a cute idea with the tent and the outdoors theme - stunning! Talk about starting 2010 off with a bang :)

(01.14.10 @ 04:17 AM)
Kate says:

love these!!

(01.15.10 @ 11:46 PM)
Brenda Landrum says:

What a cute engagement shoot! I love the tent!!!

(01.24.10 @ 12:47 PM)
Kelli Sommer says:

Wow, that first photo looks like it could be a JCrew ad, great photos! I love the last two, they capture the love and happiness in this gorgeous couple!

(02.12.10 @ 12:11 PM)
Erin and Nate got married on November 7. It was a beautiful fall day here in Washington, DC. I was so lucky to have Jenn Link shoot with me. Thanks Jenn! This wedding was so beautiful and elegant. Erin is stunning and I loved her dress. Erin did all of the planning and decor, isn't she amazing? They had their ceremony at the Clarendon United Methodist Church in Arlington and the the reception was at the lovely Carnegie Institute in Downtown DC. This was such a wonderful wedding and they are two of the sweetest people. Congrats Erin and Nate!

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Ashley K says:

gorgeous wedding, laura... I am loving the details!!

(11.18.09 @ 10:22 PM)
danielle says:

I love the ring detail shot - it's beautifully lit!

(11.19.09 @ 05:29 PM)
Nicki says:

Love! Great job.

(11.20.09 @ 09:05 AM)
brooke schwab says:

love this wedding laura! great job on capturing their day!

(11.20.09 @ 06:41 PM)
lisa says:

the ring shot is awesome! great job laura!

(11.24.09 @ 09:58 PM)
Jennifer makes me smile. I can not look at her pictures and not smile! Jennifer and Jason live and met here in DC but went to Texas A&M. They are getting married down in Houston and my friend Ashley K is doing their wedding photography. They wanted engagement pictures up here so Ashley told them to call me. I am so glad they did because they are such a fun couple to be around. So Jennifer and Jason here are some of my favorites!

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Susan Solo says:

Suuuuuper cute, Laura! Love this session. LOVE the laying-down-in-the-leaves image. Quintessential fall photo!

(10.30.09 @ 12:26 PM)
Jennifer says:

Dear Laura, Thank you so much for the wonderful engagement pictures! It was absolutely our pleasure working with you. You made it such a fun, relaxed afternoon and Jason and I can't stop talking about how much we enjoyed our session! We'll definitely recommend you to all of our friends! Thanks again!

(10.30.09 @ 01:32 PM)
Ashley K says:

So cute, Laura! You just can't get fall color like that here in H-town. I'm so glad it worked out for them to do their session with you!

(10.30.09 @ 02:17 PM)
Karen Simar says:

Laura- Thanks for capturing these wonderful shots of Jennifer and Jason. I can't stop smiling. Their personalities are just shining thru and I can hear the laughter in my mind that must have been going on during the shoot. What a wonderful start to "wedding season!"

(10.30.09 @ 02:44 PM)
lisa says:

super cute couple! love the fall leaves.

(10.30.09 @ 06:39 PM)
Leslie says:

love this session! great shots :)

(10.30.09 @ 06:49 PM)
Stephanie Krueger says:

I am so in love with all of these pictures! I am so glad that Ashley passed you along to Jenn because these turned out great. I really want to fly up to DC and have you take beautiful fall pictures for me :) Thanks so much! -Stephanie (Jenn's sister)

(10.30.09 @ 07:38 PM)
auschick says:

yellow is such a great color!

(11.09.09 @ 10:00 PM)
bethany says:

the lettuce show, FTW!
so great.

(11.23.09 @ 04:03 AM)
Bijal and Shitel wanted a night life glam shoot. Those of you that regulary follow my blog know that that is not normally the kind of engagement sessions I do. But I have to say it was super fun! I love being challenged and going outside of my element. We went up to National Harbor on Thursday night. Bijal is not stop laughter. She reminds me so much of Kelly Ripa it is funny. You can't help but have a good time around these two. So fun! Anyhow here are the images!

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lisa says:

good job sis!! love the romantic feel of these.

(10.08.09 @ 11:04 AM)
jen says:

looks great, laura! love the feel of the session...

(10.13.09 @ 12:29 PM)
I am excited to share that Mary and Chris's Wedding is featured on the WeTV blog! It was such a beautiful wedding and I had so much fun shooting it! Go check out the article! Happy Monday!

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Nicki says:

Awesome! Way to go!

(08.31.09 @ 11:15 AM)
lisa says:

very cool article!

(08.31.09 @ 11:24 AM)